I was in the process of writing a completely different poem yesterday, Saturday, October 17th 2009, and was trying to write the final verse, when something happened that caused me to write this poem just today, Sunday, October 18th… As I was on my way to work, at a later time than I normally start on a Saturday, I saw a family standing in the lobby of my condo, talking to my neighbor.  I saw an ‘AWAKE’ magazine in the woman’s hand, and knew right away that they were Jehovah’s Witnesses.

On my way to work, I prayed for them, and the many other Jehovah’s Witnesses who faithfully go door to door, hoping to one day be one of the 144,000 whom they are told will be the only ones allowed to enter into the Kingdom.  (Need to correct the previous statement…a former JW told me that what I thought to be true is not accurate.  Will correct when time allows).  My heart went out to them in prayer,  as I saw the children especially, standing there in all their innocence, being led astray.   Their parents, who I am sure have  hearts filled with love for God and a  deep desire to live for Him, have unknowingly been caught in a web of deceit, and sadly were now leading their children down the same path.

 I  prayed for those who were former Jehovah’s Witnesses, left damaged and broken, and not yet knowing the One True Savior who alone can bring hope and healing to their lives.  I also prayed for the ones who thankfully have been set free by His grace, that they would continue to experience His healing in their minds and their lives, and be given God’s wisdom and courage to share their testimonies with friends and family, of how His truth shattered the darkness and deception that had such a tight grip on their minds and lives…for all of them I will continue to pray.

 When I lived in my home, before I had a full time job, I always prayed for God to give me opportunities to witness to people,  and He was faithful to do that.  Even though my heart was moved with compassion towards every person God brought my way, for some reason I found myself having  a stronger compassion for the Jehovah’s Witnesses who came to my home.

I especially remember the married couple who were probably in their 70’s, who came to my home when I was a brand new Christian.. maybe a month in the faith at the most.  They had me completely confused, and with tears in my eyes, I confessed that I didn’t know my Bible enough to show them the truth, but that I believed that Jesus is God, and that we are saved by grace through faith and not by works.  I asked them if I could pray with them before they left, and they let me.  I asked God to bless them and show them the truth of who Jesus is, and that He would reveal the truth to them that I was not able to show them.

 God used them to put a strong desire in my heart, to search the Scriptures and to ‘do my best to present myself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed, and who correctly handles the word of truth. ‘  (2 Timothy 2:15)  God also used them to make me realize that I needed to ‘always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks me to give the reason for the hope that I have, but that I would do this with gentleness and respect…’  (1 Peter 3:15)

After that incident, before I let any Jehovah’s Witnesses back into my home, I took a year or more to study Scripture, so I could show them the verses that showed them Jesus is God… (John 14:9) (John 1:1)  (Hebrews 1:1-13) (Colossians 1:15-20), and that Jesus claimed to be God, (John 10:30-33) and that salvation is a gift and we can’t earn it, (Titus 3:4-7) (Ephesians 2:8,9) because God’s Word says ‘all our righteous acts are like filthy rags.’ (Isaiah 64:6)

Seeing them as I went to work, caused me to realize the importance for all who claim to be Christians, to take the time to not only study God’s Word, but also to share it with those who, through no fault of their own, have been deceived and held captive.

I pray God will use this poem to fill the hearts of many with a compassion for all Jehovah’s Witnesses, and others like them, so that when they come to our doors, we will pray and be prepared to reach out to them with His love and His truth that has the power to set them free.

Below are videos with valuable information to help these precious people see the truth in God’s Word.  I pray many of you who are ‘born of the Spirit of God’ will take the time to watch and learn how to share the truth in love with these sincere, but sincerely deceived precious people.  The next time they come to your door, please consider inviting them in and at least share how you came to know the truth presented in God’s Word that opened your eyes to see the ‘good news’ of the gospel.  Pray for their eyes and minds to be opened by God’s Holy Spirit before you speak, and trust God to work in their hearts as only He can help them to know the truth that can set them free.

Thank you for stopping by and taking time out of your busy day to read some of my poems and posts.

God Bless You

~Mary Dalke/Living4HisGlory





Here’s the link to Christy’s web site: WITNESSES FOR JESUS



Deceived but led right to your door,

Can you share the truth with them that they are really searching for?

You claim to know Him and His Word,

The Truth that they have never heard,

They are told not to question their doctrines, and even not to think,

So into the depths of darkness and deception they continue to sink,

There they stand a husband and wife,

They’ve been going door to door many years of their lives,

Children destined for a future of gloom and despair,

Won’t you open your door, and show them that you care?

Oh son and daughter of the Risen King,

On Sunday your praises to Him you do sing,

Can you just ignore them when they come by?

Can’t you hear their silent but desperate cry?

A knock at your door, an ‘AWAKE’ magazine in hand,

There on your porch they continue to stand,

Will you take the time to listen and guide,

With God’s Word and His Spirit right at your side?

Can you give them His Word to plant truth in their mind?

To shatter their darkness, and open eyes that are blind?

Can you share the hope that you have found,

A gospel of grace, and not by works, that is Biblically sound?

Can you walk them down the ‘Romans Path,’

To reveal the truth of God’s mercy as well as His soon coming wrath?

Can you show them in Scripture, Jesus is the only true way?

That He’s God in the flesh, and our debt to sin He did pay?

Study God’s Word, so His truth you can share,

Treat them with kindness, and keep them in prayer,

Be patient and loving, and pray one day they will see,

God’s Truth exposing their deception, and setting them free.

Copyright© 2009  Mary K. Dalke/Living For His Glory/Living4HisGlory All rights reserved. Written Sunday October 18, 2009

Picture Obtained From Photobucket   Heaven-13-2

Scriptures taken from the Holy Bible New International Version® Copyright 1973, 1978, 1984 International Bible Society.  Used by permission of Zondervan.  All rights reserved.