"You will call your walls Salvation, and your gates Praise." ISAIAH 60:18

First I’d like to thank every one of you who took some time in 2015 to read some of my posts and poems, whether you stopped by here once in a while, or whether you read many of the posts that I have written.

It has been a blessing to be able to share God’s truth and encouragement with all of you since I started this blog back in March of 2009. For those of you who have just recently started reading my blog, I’d like to share with you that the main reason that I started it was to begin writing poetry in order to give praise to God and to express my  appreciation to Him for all that He brought me through in life.

It was also my hope and prayer that God would somehow use the poems that I wrote to encourage those who had been deeply hurt and rejected as I once was, until I came to know God’s truth, love, forgiveness, and comfort  through Jesus Christ by reading His Word, the Bible. God then restored my hope and renewed my mind with the truth of His Word. Life will never be easy, but if we turn to Him and place our trust in Him, He promises never to leave us or forsake us. No matter how difficult the trials may be that we will face in life, His strength will always be made perfect in our weakness, and His peace will always surpass all human understanding.

It was only after seeing some of the many false teachers that began leading  many Christians astray, such as Todd Bentley, Brian Mclaren, Leonard Sweet, and others, did I see the need to begin writing posts in order to be a voice of warning, urging Christians not only to examine the Scriptures daily to see if what is being said (by those who claim to teach and preach God’s Word) is true (Acts 17:11), but also to remind them to keep their focus on Jesus Christ alone, and not to be a follower of any man (or woman) and his (or her) ministry.

Then, when I finally began to feel safe and secure at Harvest Bible Chapel Rolling Meadows after having to leave the Assembly of God church that I had attended for over 16 years because of their involvement with the unbiblical Pensacola “revival,” I found it necessary to once again leave Harvest, as well, after attending there for almost fifteen years. That was due to the fact that T D Jakes, a known Modalist, was proclaimed as being a Trinitarian by Pastor James MacDonald and the other pastors that were present that night at the Elephant Room 2 Conference, which was almost four years ago. This filled me with a deep urgency to be a voice of warning to those at Harvest, many being as stunned as I was to see such a drastic change in James MacDonald, because he once was a pastor who truly stood for Biblical truth and never gave in to compromise. It was for the people who attended Harvest that I began to write certain posts hoping to reach them with the truth in order to confirm the serious concerns that they may have had, just like I did when I felt like I was the only one who seemed to be concerned.

Last year the posts that I wrote concerning Harvest Bible Chapel received the most views because those who found their way to my blog did so by using specific search words that included Harvest Bible Chapel and James MacDonald. If you click on the link below to see the annual report for Living4HisGlory’s Blog for 2015, you will see that is also true concerning many of the posts that were either written or viewed this year.

My goal was never to bash James MacDonald or Harvest Bible Chapel, nor shall it ever be. My hope and desire was only to somehow reach and to warn those at Harvest, and I feel that my mission was accomplished.

I only hope and pray that those of you who attend Harvest — or whatever church you attend — have come to realize the importance of examining the Scriptures daily to see if the teachings of everyone you listen to lines up with the truth of God’s Word so that you will never be deceived.


There will be some changes concerning the focus of my posts that I will be writing in 2016 for a few reasons, which I will now share with you:

First of all, I do not want to be known only for exposing the many spiritually deceptive teachings that are coming into many churches these days. Although I will still continue to write more Mysticism Monday posts, Warning You With Tears Wednesday posts, and False Teacher Friday – Learn To Discern posts, I will not be writing them as frequently as I did this past year.

Because of the fact that there are many hurting people in our world who do not yet know Jesus Christ, it is also my desire to write more posts that focus on Biblical truth and offer hope that only comes through Jesus Christ.

Also, because I have seen certain teachings beginning to divide many Christians over the past four years, Lord willing, I hope to write a few posts during the year that will challenge you to think Biblically and critically in our world where Christians, sadly, are more and more becoming followers of men, instead of simply being followers of Jesus Christ who examine the teachings of men (and women) in light of the truth of God’s Word. (Acts 17:11)

As much as I love to write and share things with all of you, I will not be writing as often during this coming year as I did in 2015 because of the many responsibilities that I now have, and the need to get more sleep and to have more time not only to study God’s Word on certain theological issues, but also to have more time to keep my home in better order. Lord willing, even though my posts will not be as frequent, many of them will challenge you to dig into God’s Word more deeply, and some I hope you will find to be at least rather thought-provoking.

When I stand before God I want to be able to hear Him say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” As important as it is to expose the many false teachings that are leading many Christians astray these days, even more important is the joy and the responsibility of proclaiming the good news of the gospel which many still aren’t even aware of! With that being said, the next rather lengthy post that I will be working on is one in which I will be comparing the teachings in the Catechism of the Catholic Church to God’s Word, the Bible. It is my hope and prayer that many Catholics will come across this post and discover the truly good news of the gospel! A gospel that I never heard during the many years while I was a Catholic.

In closing, I’d like to express my thanks and appreciation to those of you who have linked to my blog, to those of you who have reblogged some of my posts, and to those of you who took the time to make a comment or to send a personal email to me. It has been a pleasure talking with many of you, especially Cindy, Pamela, Linda, Janice, Jane, Glenn, Colleen, and Barb.

Thank you very much to John Lanagan of MY WORD LIKE FIRE, and to SHEPHERDGUARDIAN, as well as TRUTH2FREEDOM for reblogging my post, BETH MOORE LIVE SIMULCAST – WILL YOUR CHURCH BE BRINGING BETH MOORE TO YOUR COMMUNITY? Because of your help, that particular post became one of the most read posts of 2015.

Special thanks to Glenn Chatfield of  THE WATCHMAN’S BAGPIPES ON BLOGSPOT.COM for sharing many of my posts on his RANDOM ABERRATIONS, APOSTASIES, AND HERESIES posts this past year. (Please pray for Glenn and his wife who are both presently dealing with some  health issues).

Special thanks also to my dear sister-in-Christ, Pamela Couvrette, who writes at GUARDING THE DEPOSIT, for sharing many of my posts on Facebook.

I’d also like to thank Jack Morrow of  SUSPICIOUS BEREAN ON BLOGSPOT.COM very much for adding my blog to his blogroll and I now express my appreciation to him for doing so.

Thank you very much also to REFORMED REPORT for sharing many of my posts on your blog, as well. I truly appreciate it!



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A special thank you to all of you for your time and your encouragement!

If you would like to share your requests with me concerning what you would like me to write about in 2016, please send me a message and I will prayerfully consider writing about it!

May God fill each of you with His grace,  peace, and joy throughout every day in 2016!

Thank You Sincerely


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