When anyone is involved in any type of religious system — no matter which one it may be — and begins to have doubts about what they have been taught, it is amazing what God does to reveal His truth to them! When time allows I hope that you will consider watching this video in which many nuns and priests share how they came to the knowledge of the truth when they began to search the Scriptures and discovered God’s amazing grace and love after they came to realize all that Jesus Christ did for each one of us!

In light of the fact that today is the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, it is important to remember some of the things that the Catholic church teaches that gives many good reasons why there cannot be unity among us. Doctrine divides for many good reasons. Unity can only be built upon Biblical truth. Love speaks the truth to open the eyes of those deceived by the traditions of men. I pray that you will listen and come to understand some of the teachings of Catholicism so that you can reach out in love and share the truth of God’s Word with your loved ones who may be Catholic so that they can come to see who Jesus Christ truly  is and all that He accomplished for us, and come to know the truly good news of the Biblical gospel that has the truth that will set them free from the false doctrines of men that hold them captive.

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God Bless You



I was in the process of writing a post that somewhat addressed the Protestant Reformation, but due to the fact that my computer kept freezing up yesterday I am sorry to say that I won’t be able to have it finished by tonight. So instead, I decided to just post the above video which gives many Scriptural reasons why there should be a continued  outcry against the teachings of Catholicism and an urgency within our hearts to reach precious Catholics with the truly good news of the Biblical gospel so that they might know all that Jesus Christ did for them if they will only choose to believe the gospel and receive the truth by faith.