In this video, Christy Darlington, (of 4Jehovah-Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses for Jehovah God), who once studied with Jehovah’s Witnesses but never actually became one), shows some amazing documentation that is included in her new book concerning what Jehovah’s Witnesses once taught and what they teach today. This looks like an excellent resource for those of you who have a sincere desire to reach Jehovah’s Witnesses not only with the truth of God’s Word — which is of the greatest importance — but also by showing precious Jehovah’s Witnesses undeniable evidence that can be found in their own literature — past and present — that will help to open their eyes to see the truth that God desires them to see, which is: Truth is not found in a religion or an organization, it is found in a Person –Jesus Christ. (John 14:6)

Christy’s description of her book as it appears under her video:


Did you know that in support of its New World Translation Bible, the Watchtower Society cited a bible translation that was inspired by demons? Did you know that in 1934, Jehovah’s Witnesses published a letter endorsing the “position” of Nazi Germany against the Jews under Hitler’s regime? Did you know that the 1975 failed Jehovah’s Witness prophecy was hyped from top leadership within the Watchtower organization and not from the lower level rank and file “brothers”? Are you aware that the very arguments that Jehovah’s Witnesses use to condemn blood transfusions can actually be used to support transfusions? Are you entitled to know the truth?

This book and video reviews the secret cover-ups and manipulation techniques that the Watchtower Society evokes upon its membership in order to keep them in the dark about its true history and deceptive doctrines. Based upon real conversations the author (Christina Harvey Darlington) has had with Jehovah’s Witnesses and presented in dialogue format, this book is designed to undercut Watchtower doctrine with the truth of the Bible and the facts of history.

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Here is the description of this book as it appears on Amazon: 

“Follow the inspiring dialogues between a Christian named Karen and a Jehovah’s Witness named Cindy as they discuss the Watchtower brochure What Does God Require of Us? and explore the core differences between Biblical Christianity and the Watchtower religion. In this book, Biblical truth is presented in an effective way that challenges the common reasoning embraced by faithful members of the Watchtower organization. Originally published under the title What Does God Require?, this book is the product of experiences the author had talking with Jehovah’s Witnesses of all levels of leadership. Written in dialogue format, this book includes photocopies of the pages referenced from official Watchtower publications and other sources essential for Christians using this book to witness to Jehovah’s Witnesses. Discussion topics are:

New Light Changes In Watchtower Doctrine
False Prophecies Of The Watchtower Society
The Watchtower’s Definition Of A Cult
Watchtower History and Cover-ups
The Jehovah’s Witness Claim To Be The Only True Religion
The Divine Name Jehovah
The Trinity And The Deity Of Christ
Faith and Works in Salvation
Blood Transfusions
War And Political Neutrality
Holiday And Birthdays Celebrations
Hell and Immortal Soul
The Cross
Loyalty To Jehovah God

A Christian who reads Christian Conversations with JWs will not only learn the reasoning behind many of the doctrinal differences that separate Jehovah’s Witnesses from Biblical Christianity, but he or she will be inspired to approach Jehovah’s Witnesses in a more gentle, non-confrontational way that will help open the door to more effective dialogues rather than closed-minded defensive debates. Likewise, any thinking Jehovah’s Witness will find the documentation presented from Watchtower publications and solid Biblical arguments stimulating to: “Make sure of all things; hold fast to what is fine.” (1 Thessalonians 5:21, New World Translation)

Regarding the Karen and Cindy conversations in this book, readers have said:

“I am currently studying each and every page of the Karen and Cindy studies, looking up every Bible passage. They are very well put together, very well documented, with references and all, enormously helpful!”

“I had Jehovah’s Witnesses visiting for six years. … The sad thing is now I have their beliefs in my head. So I put myself into God’s hands and asked for direction. …Well, the feeling of freedom is amazing. I am like a child, learning again for the first time. The reason I had to write to you was the Karen and Cindy conversations. Instead of me asking for help, one question at a time, they are all there for me!! It seems as if ‘Cindy’ could read my mind. It’s so lovely for things to fall into place… I was scared while I did not understand even the tiny bit I do now. It’s such a joy instead of feeling unworthy (we’re all sinners I know) and feeling I would never be saved or go to Heaven. So, please thank God and Jesus with me for such help.”

“As you know… I am in prison… I know that every soul you help touch is a seed that might grow to touch hundreds and thousands… For example, the What Does God Require book you sent me some time back has been making its rounds around this prison yard. And many Jehovah’s Witnesses have been raising lots of questions and are re-thinking their faith… Again, thank you for your ministry… Keep up the great work!”

Christy’s own words copy/pasted from her reply to a comment on the above video:

“…I was never baptized but I attended meetings at a local Kingdom Hall for over a year and was involved in several studies as well. In the 20 years I’ve been researching JWs, I’ve met and worked with several Ex-JWs, some of whom were helped through the resources I’ve developed on my website at …”


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