Let’s face it. We are truly living in trying times! Many are without jobs, some have had to close their businesses due to the shutdown and lack of income, our country is in chaos because so many people are in rebellion against God and those in authority, and things worldwide seem like they are only getting worse! However, for those of us who have placed our trust in Jesus Christ alone for the forgiveness of sins, we have a  hope that cannot be extinguished –no matter what! We look around and realize all of the chaos and lawlessness are clear signs of the soon return of Jesus Christ! Whether we have just a few more hours remaining or many more years to wait, we have so much to look forward to after life, as we now know it, finally comes to an end!

Even though our hope may be in Jesus Christ, sometimes we still experience discouragement and sorrow when we see what’s happening all around us, which is why it’s so important for us as born-again, Bible believing Christians to stay in God’s Word for the encouragement and spiritual strength that we need to get us through each day and so we can be a light in this dark world to those who do not know the true love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Just imagine the hopelessness, fear, and discouragement they must be feeling right now! During these very trying times, let’s come before the Lord and surrender any sorrow, fear, discouragement, and frustration to Him and ask Him to fill us with His strength, wisdom, joy, and grace so that we can share His love and the truth of the Biblical gospel with those who need to hear it and to receive it!

Here is your encouraging Scripture for today, Sunday, July 5th 2020:

Cantigny Park - Trees by Lake - 82019 - Jeremiah 17 7,8 - MaryKDalke Reflections Of His Glory Photography - DSC08415 (2)


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~Mary Dalke – Living4HisGlory – Reflections Of His Glory Photography

Photo ‘Cantigny Park Trees by Lake 82019 Jeremiah 17:7,8’ taken by Mary K Dalke – Reflections Of His Glory Photography

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This past Thursday I spent many hours writing Part 15 of the series, ‘Comparing Scriptures In The Catholic New Testament Bible To Teachings Found In The Catechism Of The Catholic Church – Dear Catholic, Are You Going To Believe The Word Of God Or The Word Of Man?’ I am almost finished writing it; I only need to add some more Scriptures, a few closing thoughts, and additional helpful information for you. However, I am having issues with my computer; I was unable to connect to my Internet service all day this past Friday, so I am behind because of that. Lord willing, I hope to be able to finish it by the end of this coming week as long as I don’t have any more issues connecting to my Internet service.