Yes, helloooo world!  Welcome to my site.  I hope you will be encouraged and blessed by the poems God has put on my heart to share with you.  It is my prayer that I can be an encouragement to all who come to my site. 

I think that many of you will be able to relate to feelings of hopelessness, loneliness, and discouragement that life often brings our way.  All of my poems are written from personal experiences… a prodigal child, and the heartbreak it brings, …a relationship that you long for, but the red flags tell you to beware, …and the joy that comes when you realize when you have Christ, you have everything, even though loneliness grips your heart at times. 

One poem is based on comments I have heard people say that leave them fearful and locked within a prison without bars… an emotional prison that robs them, …or us, of the joys and blessings of having a meaningful relationship with someone,  if only they/we would let go of the haunting memories of the past.  Only God can do that deep healing within us, …if we allow Him to.  Sometimes that means we need to forgive someone, sometimes it just means trusting Him and asking for courage to step out and allow someone to become a part of our lives. 

Also, because of the fact that darkness and deception are increasing in the world, and making their way into the church, I will be writing and sharing poems based on my experiences as I observed, and continue to observe the shifts from Biblical Christianity.  Today there are many teachings claiming to be Christian, however they seek only to distort and destroy Biblical Christianity as we know it, and replace it with a counterfeit.   My desire is not only to encourage others, but also to help other believers in Christ, and those seeking to know the truth, to realize the importance of studying God’s Word, and testing things that people say in the light of Scripture.   

Many poems that I share with you, I will also give an introduction to, so you will understand the story behind it, as well as my thoughts at the time I wrote it, and my purpose for writing it. 

My main goal is to glorify God, but I also want to encourage and challenge you…  not only through what I write, but also through Scriptures.  I may be able to bring a sense of hope to you, but ultimately God is the only one who can bring healing to your broken hearts and help you to not only grasp the depth of the love He has for you, but also to make you realize the importance of studying His Word, so your are not led astray personally, as well as spiritually.  

May God bless all who come to my site, and thank you for stopping by!  🙂 

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