This post is totally not what this blog is all about, but in a way it is, because I am still trying to show the love of Jesus Christ by helping someone:

Yesterday, July 24, 2017, as I was doing my errands, I pulled into a store parking lot to do some shopping, and had to drive in very slowly because of all the geese that were there. I happened to spot this beautiful green bird among them and walked over to where they were after I pulled my car over. Thankfully I had my camera with me so I decided to try and help the owner locate their bird by doing all that I could do to try and get this information out to them in as many ways as possible. I posted these pictures on Facebook, as well.

This beautiful, grass green colored love bird, some type of parrot, or whatever kind of bird that it may be, looked very strong and healthy and was eating whatever it could find in the grass along with the geese, who were not being aggressive towards it in any way! I tried to see if it would come to me by approaching it slowly and talking to it, but it flew further away when I got too close. If this is your bird, please contact me with some evidence to verify that it is your bird, and I will provide you with more information.[UPDATE: I discovered the actual name of this bird is a Quaker Parrot, and it is also known as a Monk Parakeet.]

Since this bird is finding something to eat, it is possible that it may stay in this area for a while, so I am truly hoping the person who is missing this beautiful green bird with a white face and chest, and some blue tail feathers will see this post and contact me through my blog, if they don’t see it through Facebook!

I am going to try and go back there tomorrow with some food and water to lure it over to me and may try to catch it in some type of container that would allow it to breath and not escape from, as well. I was going to buy a bird cage, but can’t afford one right now, and the possibility of me actually catching it is probably not to great. Unless, of course, God does some type of miracle, which I know that He can do, and He can even exceed our wildest expectations!

Hopefully the owner of this beautiful lost bird will see either this post, my post on Facebook, or the one I may post on Craigslist — if time allows — and that the day will soon come when they are united once again. If not, at least I know that I tried my best to reunite them.

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I am so thankful to God that I am getting my babysitting job back for the precious little girl that I had the privilege of caring for since she was only five weeks old until just this past April! So with that in mind, I will not be posting as much after this week, but, Lord willing, I will be spending every free moment that I will have doing research and writing the next post in the latest series –  APPARITIONS OF THE VIRGIN MARY, OR DEMONS IN DISGUISE? EXAMINING THE EVIDENCE IN LIGHT OF SCRIPTURE