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In Catholicism, the month of May is dedicated to the virgin Mary. I had planned on writing at least one post in which I was going to share every Scripture with you where Mary is even mentioned, and then share many of Catholicism’s teachings regarding Mary with you, as well, in order to show you how almost every one of these teachings cannot be substantiated by Scripture. However, I no longer find that necessary after listening to the following series, which is ongoing. In this series, Christian writer and former Catholic, Timothy Kauffman, gives an in depth examination of many of the teachings of the Roman Catholic church regarding the virgin Mary and not only tests them against Scripture, but also in light of what many of the early church fathers taught in order to show that many of their teachings are unbiblical and to also show that Catholicism attributes to Mary many things that would even grieve Mary herself! Yes, as Christians we are to appreciate her willingness to submit to God to become the mother of Jesus Christ, but we are never to go beyond Scripture and pray to her or ascribe to her any glory that is due to God alone!

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Although Timothy Kauffman gives an excellent analysis of the teachings of Catholicism regarding Mary in light of Scripture and church history, this is not to be considered as an endorsement of him.