Today I decided to do a search on YouTube to see if there were any new presentations given by one of my favorite contenders for the Christian faith, Warren B Smith, since I haven’t seen him for quite some time, and I found the video that I posted for you below. In the midst of so much apostasy, it is wonderful to see that Warren, who was once deeply involved in the New Age Movement, is still remaining true to the Biblical gospel and has not given in to compromise as many professing Christian leaders have done and continue to do these days. However, he truly needs our prayers to remain faithful and for continued healing because of the heart attack that he had last year, and because of the emotional turmoil that he and his wife Joy have been through due to their house fire back in 2016.

When time allows, please listen to Warren’s very important and Biblical presentation that will make you aware of what is presently taking place as many professing Christians are embracing pagan occult practices that are coming into many churches by being presented as new ways to experience God more deeply and intimately. This is happening not only due to a lack Biblical discernment, but also due to the failure on the part of leadership and all Christians to test everything against Scripture as we are shown to do in Acts 17:11, as well as failure to heed the many warnings in Scripture about false teachers, some who would even arise from among us (Acts 20:25-31).

Thank you very much for stopping by today.

God Bless You