Just a short post to let you know what’s happening, and what is soon to come –Lord willing: I am still working on Part 3 of my testimony, ‘FROM FEAR AND UNCERTAINTY, TO PEACE AND ASSURANCE — HOW GOD REVEALED THE TRUTH TO ME WHILE I WAS READING A CATHOLIC NEW TESTAMENT BIBLE.’  It’s an overwhelming task that I have taken on to share with you the teachings of the Catholic church directly from the ‘Catechism of the Catholic Church,‘ as well as some of the teachings of ‘Vatican II’ and ‘The Council of Trent’ and comparing much of it to Scripture, and I want to make sure it is done thoroughly; since my desire is to share the truly “good news” of the gospel with Catholics, I don’t want to rush to finish it just to have it completed by a certain deadline, which I tentatively set for the end of August, which, as you know, is today.  Lord willing, with God’s help, I hope to have it finished by the end of September.

A few more reasons why I have not been able to complete Part 3:

1) I have been trying very hard to be successful in my new business venture as a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant, which means I have been spending a lot of time trying different ways to introduce these beautifully designed, chemical-free, latex-free, long-wearing vinyl nail wraps to women through flea markets, Bridal Fairs, fundraisers, online Facebook parties and in-home parties , etc.  (Your prayers would be appreciated!  Please pray God will lead and direct me in the way He would desire me to go).

2) Three days a week I am now helping take care of my mom who is still unable to walk on her own even though she was in a rehabilitation center for four months recovering from an injury to her leg.  To spend time with my precious mom is a privilege, and God even gave  me another opportunity to share the gospel with her two weeks ago, so I see this as a ministry to her.  Your prayers for her salvation and God’s wisdom for me would be greatly and deeply appreciated at this time!

3) My mind is overwhelmed and my heart is rather burdened because of new information I recently came across a couple of weeks ago that further explains in frightening detail what is truly happening in many churches today — and why!  In order to free my mind from all of this so that I can concentrate and finish the final part of my testimony, the idea to write a poem, entitled, ‘VOICES,’ came to mind.  In my introduction and through my poem and some videos, as well, I intend to share this information with you in order to warn you, and to emphasize even more than I have already done in many previous posts, the importance of not only testing things in light of Scripture, but also to stress how we as Christians are to truly and only be  followers of Jesus Christ, and not any man or ministry; the only voice we should be listening to is the voice of our Shepherd!!  Lord willing, I hope to have the poem finished by the end of this week or next week.

God bless you!  Thank you for stopping by!  And thank you very much for taking some time out of your day to read my posts and poems!