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March 2009:  I love sunrises and sunsets, especially ones over lakes and oceans, and taking pictures of the same. I love starlit nights, and having deep conversations with people whom I would love to get to know.

I am a very trustworthy person; your concerns and secrets never pass my lips,  except when I express what’s in my ♥ for you to God in prayer.     

I enjoy doing small home improvement projects when time and money allows, and enjoy watching  ‘Flip That House,’ and shows similar to that. I especially love to write. I guess you could say that’s my outlet. When my heart is filled with sadness over something or someone, God is able to bring healing to me not only through His Word, but also when I express what’s in my heart on paper. Or sometimes I just want to be able to let someone know how special I think they are, and how much they mean to me, and I pray for God to help me let them know what’s in my heart through my words.

I have always loved photography, so last year I set up another site on WordPress in order to share my pictures with others with the hope of not only encouraging others with the Scriptures that I added, but also with the hope of setting it up as a way to make some extra money by having the prints being able to be downloaded after paying a rather low price. If you’d like to visit my photography site, here is the link:


Lord willing, I  would  love to be able to get a job writing. (Any job offers would be highly considered, 🙂  however, I will only agree to write from a Christian perspective, and I will not compromise with Biblical truth in order to get a job; I will not write for anyone who holds to: unity with other religions (ecumenism), Reformed Theology, Calvinism, Arminianism, or any other religion that focuses on the teachings of a certain man instead of on Jesus Christ alone and God’s Word alone. There would be no better job to me than sharing  God’s love and truth with others in order to bring encouragement and hope to those who could be changed by hearing the truth presented in God’s Word or something that God would put upon my heart to share that is rooted in Scripture.

I want to help people believe that their worth as a person does not depend upon how they were treated in the past by those who used their words to tear them down, rather than to love and encourage them.  That is why I am also in the process of writing my life story. If God uses it to bring just one person to come to know true and lasting joy and peace by receiving the love, forgiveness, and emotional healing that comes through Jesus Christ alone, it will be considered as a success to me. 

My greatest j♥y is  sharing  God’s l♥ve and truth with others. I am hoping to do the same here on my blog with the Scriptures that I will be sharing with you, as well as trying to help, encourage, and to challenge  you through what I write.

UPDATE – JULY 9th 2012

Due to the fact that I have now left three churches — the first one clearly because God opened my eyes to the false teachings of Catholicism, and the two past ones because of the unbiblical direction they were going in —  the subject of some of my poems will also be on exposing spiritual deception that is taking place within the church today, and the importance of ‘examining the Scriptures daily to see if what is being said (by those who claim to speak for God) is true‘ (Acts 17:11), and challenging all of you to do the same. As followers of Jesus Christ, we must be aware of what is happening in the name of ‘Christianity.’ Jesus warned us in His Word that spiritual deception would be one of the signs that would alert us to His soon return, so please study God’s Word and be alert and aware of what is happening so that you will not be led astray! 

UPDATE – MAY 22, 2014

After losing my job of 13 years at the end of October 2013, I praise God that He has now provided a job for me as a  Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant! These chemical free, long-wearing vinyl, latex-free nail wraps come in over 300 styles! And they’re made in the USA! 

http://marydalke.jamberrynails.net/product/   (UPDATE: I am no longer a consultant. See update below.)

If you’d like to keep up with all the styles of nail wraps I post, as well as any Jamberry Nails Online Facebook Events and Fundraisers I will be having in the future, here’s the link to my–> Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant Facebook Page (I’m Sorry. This page has now been deleted).

Now I can work in the comfort of my own home, set my own hours, and I’ll no longer have to fight rush hour traffic! And I love selling a product that’s high quality and had their humble beginnings as an idea that came about between three sisters and other family members!

Lord willing, I’ll still be writing and sharing my heart with you, but I am thankful that I now have a job that will hopefully provide the extra income I need! Unfortunately the desire of my heart of getting a job as a Christian writer doesn’t appear to be God’s will for me, but working as a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant is fun, even though it’s also a lot of hard work!

UPDATE – December 15, 2014:

As of November 30, 2014 I am no longer a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant. I am very sorry to disappoint any of you who may be continuing to visit my site hoping to see more pictures of Jamberry’s nail wrap designs, but I am considering explaining my reasons for no longer continuing  as a Consultant in an upcoming post at some point, (as well as possibly giving those of you who are thinking about becoming a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant some helpful advice before you begin your business), possibly at some point in the future. So if you’re interested, be watching for that. [UPDATE December 27, 2019 – Note: Because of an injury to my dear, sweet Mom that caused her to be wheelchair bound for a few years, I never got around to writing that post because I was focused on helping her. I will just simply say that I came to realize that Jamberry Nails was founded by three Mormon sisters, and many of the Jamberry Nail Consultants are also Mormons. Many of these Consultants post Bible verses and links on their Facebook pages that lead to a Mormon site, and I could not continue in a business with the thought of possibly leading someone to embrace Mormonism, so I quit. Plus, it was very difficult to sell these nail wraps in order to actually make enough money to pay my bills, but the main reason that I quit was definitely because of finding out this company was founded and run by Mormons.]


UPDATE – JANUARY 8th, 2015


First, I am a born-again Christian, but I do not have a degree in theology, etc. I am just someone who has gone through a lot in life: I married the day after turning nineteen, and had two children shortly after. I became a Christian right around the time that my second child was born, simply by reading a Catholic New Testament and seeing the truth for the first time by the grace of God, and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit I also so the many errors in Catholicism. (I posted the links to my testimony at the top of this page, so if you’re interested in reading all three very lengthy parts, you can scroll back up and read them). My ‘husband’ left me just a few short years after I became a Christian, and I raised my children with God’s help alone. Their dad paid all the bills and he took them out two days a week and called them every day, which I am very thankful for, but I was the one who guided them, disciplined them, and who, at times, was rejected by them when I tried to raise them in the way that God would have me raise them in this world where many things that God’s Word declares to be evil is considered to be good, and much of what is good is now looked at as if it were evil.

After purchasing my first computer in 2008 (not knowing a single thing about computers) I began writing poems, because the desire of my heart at that point was just to write in order to give glory to God for His grace that was sufficient to bring me through all that I had been through in life, and I was hoping that God would somehow use me to point others to Jesus Christ, as well as to encourage those who were facing overwhelming circumstances in their lives. 

Then, when I began to observe many false teachings and spiritual, mystical practices coming into many Christian churches, (starting with Todd Bentley’s Lakeland ‘revival’) and since I have always been a detective-at-heart and now had a computer at my fingertips, I began searching the Internet to see what I could find. Because of the information that I found, I then realized the need to warn Christians of the extreme importance of testing the words of pastors and teachers in light of Scripture (Acts 17:11), and to be followers of Jesus Christ and not followers of men (and women) and their ministries. (1 Corinthians 1:10-13, 1 Corinthians 3:1-9)

I have learned firsthand how easily it is to be deceived by the teachings of men (Catholicism), and how spiritual deception can be shattered in just a moment’s time when the truth of God’s Word penetrates a person’s  heart and exposes the lies that have blinded us to the truth for so many years. All we need is for the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus to us, and to guide us into all truth by reading and studying His Word so we will never be spiritually deceived by men (or women) who claim to speak for God and speak falsely. I pray you will all come to realize that through what I write, and more importantly, through reading the many Scriptures that I post along with what I write.


If any of you are looking to hire a Christian writer or someone to help in researching a certain topic that is Christian related, please email me at: ruready4eternity@att.net  Or, if you’d like, you can send me a message using the If You’d Like To Contact Me form. I lost my job of thirteen years at the end of October 2013, so I am available to start immediately.

UPDATE –  7/17/15 Now I help take care of my mom two  days a week since she is presently unable to walk, and even though I now also have a part-time job, I still have a lot of free time to write.

UPDATE – MAY 9, 2017 I lost my part-time childcare job last month and am in the process of looking for another childcare job or some other  type of job that I would enjoy. If you happen to know of a Christian company who is looking for a Christian Writer or Christian Researcher, I would appreciate it very much if you would please share the link to my blog with them. 🙂   Here’s an example of something that I wrote about simply to warn others, and in the process of doing a lot of research on it, I found out much more than I ever imagined!



I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the second Person in the Trinity,  who willingly took on human flesh and came to this earth to one day become the Savior of the world.

I believe that Jesus Christ was fully God and fully man, that He lived the perfect sinless life that we could never live to become the perfect sacrifice for all of our sins.

I believe in Jesus Christ’s substitutionary atonement; He died in each and every one of our places on the cross taking the full wrath that God intended for us because of our sins upon Himself. I am not, however, a Universalist; I do not believe that God will ultimately save everyone in the end.

I believe that Jesus Christ gloriously arose from the dead in bodily form on the third day.

I believe that salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone.

I do not adhere to the teachings of Reformed Theology, Calvinism, or Arminianism; I do not follow any man or the philosophies of men. I am a follower of Jesus Christ alone. I believe that each person has the responsibility to choose to believe the gospel or to reject it; God does not choose whom he will save and whom He will condemn to eternal torment before the foundations of the world.

I believe the Bible to be the inerrant Word of God from Genesis to Revelation.

I believe the Bible teaches a pre-tribulation rapture.

I believe in a literal place of fiery torment called hell where those who do not choose to place their trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ as full payment for their sins will go for all eternity.

I believe in a literal place called heaven where those who have placed their faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone for their salvation will go and will spend eternity with Him.

I believe in a literal thousand year reign of Jesus Christ upon this earth.

I believe in a young earth; the earth is not billions of years old as some seem to think.


When I first began this blog I had a lot of free time and wrote quite frequently, but since I am now in the process of trying to find a job I try to write something — either a poem or a post — at least once or twice a month, sometimes more, depending upon the amount of free time I have and what is happening in the name of ‘Christianity’ that needs to be brought to your attention in case you haven’t heard about it.


Sadly, I have now found it necessary to leave the church that I had been attending for over five years, which makes four churches that I have had to leave since becoming a Christian in 1980. This time it was because books written by Calvinist pastors and teachers were being used in women’s Bible studies. I loved the people there and I truly appreciated how the pastor had taught God’s Word to us verse by verse through many books in the Bible. However, when I spoke to him about my concerns regarding Calvinism and Reformed Theology and asked him to prayerfully consider addressing the teachings of Calvinism in one of his sermons (because he was about to start preaching from  Colossians, and I was hoping that when he got to Colossians 2:8 that he could address Calvinism), his response showed me that he was not willing to warn those that he is spiritually responsible for concerning Calvinism and Reformed Theology. He stated that he has had Calvinists in attendance at his church for many years and has not see any problems. Sadly, it’s only a matter of time before problems begin to arise because you cannot compromise with Biblical truth; you must “earnestly contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints.” (Jude 3)



I am so thankful and blessed to be able to have the precious little girl back that I was babysitting for on a part-time basis! My free time will now, once again, be limited, which means I will not be writing as much.

UPDATE MARCH 28,  2018

The little girl’s Mom quit her job, which means I am now out of a job again and will need to start looking for another job. I will continue writing, but not as often.


Sadly, my precious Mom died on Resurrection Sunday/Easter, April 1, 2018. After my family and I are done preparing our parent’s home to sell and finally selling it, I will then be available to write on a full time basis, if any of you may be looking for a Christian writer or researcher. If so, please contact me using the If You’d Like To Contact Me form that you will find at the top of my blog page. Otherwise, I will be having to take some more time off as I seek other ways through which God can provide financially for me.



In the spring of 2020 my family and I will be having our last few garage sales in order to sell what remains of our dear Mom and Dad’s treasures that they collected over their 50 years of marriage. When these sales are all over I will then need to seriously start looking for some type of job. As much as I would love to get a job writing from a Christian perspective, I realize that it is next to impossible to get a job as a Christian writer, so I will need to consider other options to bring in some extra money. Therefore, I will still not be able to write as much as I once did, but I am determined to continue “earnestly contending for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints.” (Jude 3)  Be assured that whenever I have some free time, I will be working on some type of post to share with you.


For those of you who do not yet know of the joy of sins forgiven and the assurance of one day being in heaven because of what Jesus Christ has already done for you, please consider reading the Bible, (not the ‘Message’ or ‘Voice’ translations, please) starting in the Gospel of John, as well as the book of Romans, Ephesians, Galatians, Hebrews (especially Chapters 7-10), and 1 2 and 3 John, and pray and ask God to reveal the truth to you.

I hope to be a blessing to all whom I pray God will  lead to my site.

Thank you very much for stopping by and taking time out of your busy day to read some of my posts and poems.

God Bless You

~Mary Dalke – Living4HisGlory