While I appreciate all of you in your desire to take time out of your busy day to make your comments on my posts, there are a few things that I would like all of you to keep in mind before you post your comments:

1) Please keep your comments related to the post that you are commenting on. You can contact me with any questions that you may have using the contact form instead of adding your comments on unrelated posts. I will answer you when time allows me to do so

2) Please keep your comments as brief as possible. Unfortunately my free time is very limited these days, so I’m sorry, but I don’t have much time to reply to any lengthy comments

3) If you disagree with anything that I have shared, your comments will still be welcomed here, but please disagree in a  respectful manner, or your comments may be removed

4) Please reply to the comments of others in a gracious and respectful manner, as well, and make sure that your comment instructs others and not criticizes them even in the tone of your words as they are read by others.

*5) Please do not include any links to articles or quotes from anyone in your comments in order to defend your position; back up what you say with Scripture only.

6) If you have your own blog, please do not share links from your blog in your comments. Yes, every blogger/writer would like to have more people coming to their site, but this is considered a rather rude practice since the purpose of making comments on other blogs should be to encourage them or to bring correction to them in a respectful and grace-filled way, not to lead others to our own site. If I see that your blog reflects Biblical teachings and not anything that conflicts with Biblical Christianity I will be happy to share links to some of your posts here at some point, but I am sorry I will not share any of your posts:

  •  If you embrace Calvinism or have links to sites that are Calvinistic or Reformed in their theology posted on your site
  •  If you are personally Reformed in your theology
  •  If you adhere to unbiblical practices, such as Contemplative Prayer, yoga, taize, Lectio Divina, unity with other religions that preach a false gospel
  •  If you follow any false teacher and promote them on your site
  • If you are not a born-again Christian according to how Scripture defines it

*7) Please do not comment on any post that is older than one month old. If you have any questions about what I presented in a particular post that is older than one month, please ask me by going to my If You’d Like To Contact Me page above and I will answer your questions when time allows me to do so.

No matter who you are and what you believe you will be welcomed here, and you are free to  make a comment. I will treat you with respect and with the love of Jesus Christ, but I will also lovingly correct you in order to point you to Jesus Christ and Biblical truth because a true follower of Jesus Christ cares enough to correct those who are heading in the wrong direction spiritually, which is what motivates me to write what I do here.

With all of that being said, please keep everything that I just shared with you in mind before you decide to post a comment.

Thank you in advance.

God Bless You